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Crossing the stream (of consciousness) of William Faulkner into fertile theatrical turf

The High Performance Rodeo & Theatre Smith-Gilmour presents As I Lay Dying at the Pumphouse Four stars Who would have thought a horse could fit on a stage at the Pumphouse? Actually, the horse onstage in As I Lay Dying,... Continue Reading →

Transforming Faulkner into theatre comes naturally for Smith-Gilmour

Dean Gilmour of Smith-Gilmour Theatre talks As I Lay Dying, which opens Wednesday as part of the 2017 High Performance Rodeo.

Rodeo, Week 2: 7 Shows

Here's some data for you to crunch. One week of High Performing Rodeo, Six Guitars, and seven new shows. (Plus a free lunch hour concert from Pro Arts @ Noon, Wednesday featuring Frank Rackow and The Black Sea, at Catholic... Continue Reading →

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